Fine Art Albums

Our online ordering system makes ordering fast, easy and convenient. You must be a professional photographer and registered user with our web site to access our ordering system and pricing information.
We do not color correct files. Many of our Fineart Albums customers apply actions and use color manipulation in their layouts. Because of this, we have no way of finding the intended final color.
All files must be of 300 DPI and should be in SRGB color mode.
For Luster surface Fuji Professional, For Metallic Surface Kodak endura.
2 to 3 weeks depending on cover option or gilding. Please add 1 to 2 weeks for ginding or speciality covers.

Cash and Credit Card.
Master Card.
Discover Card.
American Express.
We will require $125 Deposit for Design,Print & Bind and Print & Bind Album Order.

Any order requesting faster service than our normal delivery time will be considered as "RUSH", and it will be charged 50% more of the album price. In order to receive rush service, you must indicate "RUSH" on the work order form, and the date you need the order shipped to you. Orders Received without a date or a level of service indicated will NOT be considered as rush unless specific delivery date is requested. In this case, the appropriate rush charges will be added. The availability of rush service depends on the amount of work within the lab and may not always be available. Orders already in progress may not be converted to RUSH status. This service is available on a limited basis since only certain stages of production can be rushed.

The best way to order is by using our online ordering system.

For 30side/15page: 80-90 images
For 40side/20page: 110-120 images.
For 50side/25page: 140-150 images.

We offer the Classic album and the Moder album.
4 types of designer cover Albums : Metal Cover, Acrylic Cover, Vegan Leather, and Image wrap.

Inset Cameo, Raised Cameo and Cut-out Cameo.

3 colors: Black, Silver and Gold.

We produce both type of albums, Seamless(Flush Mount Album) and Cut Style(Coffee Table Album).

UPS or USPS charges depending upon the destination.
for canada, it is usually $40-50 *(plus handling charge).

No, you can not change the shipping address after you get "order is ready for delivery" email, you can change shipping address till status shows "In cover phase"

We ship either same day or with in next 24 business hours.

Your invoice will be mailed with the album to you by accounting department at the time when the album is shipped.

There are few special materials which might not be in stock. Please call us before you place order.

Yes, there is a charge for swatches excluding of shipping cost.

Our preferred method is upload the images through our online ordering system.

After the design is completed we will send you the layout of the album and only after your approval for the album we will go ahead with print and bind.

The design charge if we print and bind then it will be $125. If you only want the design of the album to be done by us and want the high resolution jpeg the charge is $200 for an album.

For print & bind order if it is on hold for more then 1 month then order will become inactive and we will not be responsible for the data of that particular order.

If client do not provide any revisions for more than one year in that case design will consider as inactive and we will cancel the order.

With gilding 0.75inch safe margin and 3/8 inch safe margin without gilding. To View Safe Margin Pages Please Click here

If you become a member there will be no designing charge for any number of album If we print and bind.
Membership fees $600 a Year.

We make every effort to meet our posted production times. In some cases, however, we may experience problems beyond our control.
Our turnaround time is 15-20 business days unless you order gliding or special covers.

In most cases, yes. Fineart Albums will ask for photos to assess the type of damage, determine what parts will need to be fixed/replaced and give you a quote for the repair charge.

Due to no fault of your own, Fineart albums will replace or repair album after we determine the security of the album.

We provide 6 months manufacturing guarantee on sample album.

Below are details of redo charges.
1 Flush mount Spread replacement will be $35
1 Modern book Spread replacement album will be $25
Leather change without imprinting up to 11x14 size album will be $75
Metal cover or Acrylic cover change will be $125
Acrylic cameo change will be $100